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Zhejiang Zhengda Air Separation Launches Enterprise WeChat Official Account

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Zhejiang Zhengda Air Separation Launches Enterprise WeChat Official Account

October 10,2020
In early March, in Hangzhou, a city that had just ended months of rain, pink and willows were green and spring was full of joy. As a technology leader in the compressed air purification industry and PSA pressure swing adsorption industry, Zhejiang Zhengda Air Separation Equipment Co., Ltd., launched the company's official account in due course.
 Through this official account, you can easily browse our company profile, professional qualifications and various honors obtained over the years through mobile phones or computers; through the "Product Center" column, you can keep abreast of our company's production Professional air separation equipment includes relevant technical parameters and detailed product descriptions; of course, you can easily find our company's address, contact number and other information in the "Contact Us" column.
 Sincerely hope that our customers can learn more about our Zhengda air separation and the professional air separation equipment we produce through this platform. Our company also hopes to establish closer contact with our customers through this platform, so that we can provide you with better and better quality products and services!


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