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ZMO Membrane Separation Mobile Oxygen Enrichment Equipment

ZMO Membrane Separation Mobile Oxygen Enrichment Equipment

ZMO Membrane Separation Mobile Oxygen Enrichment Equipment
ZMO Membrane Separation Mobile Oxygen Enrichment EquipmentZMO Membrane Separation Mobile Oxygen Enrichment EquipmentZMO Membrane Separation Mobile Oxygen Enrichment Equipment
CategoriesZMO Membrane Separation Mobile Oxygen Enrichment Equipment
BrandZHENGDA PSA Air Separation Plants
Oxygen Output10-20000Nm3/h
Oxygen Enrichment Purity25~35%
FOB portShanghai & Ningbo
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update TimeFebruary 1,2023
Detail Information

Membrane Separation Oxygen Enrichment Generation Principle

The equipment is mainly composed of the centrifugal fan, filtration system, vacuum pump, membrane separation system, steam-water separation system, control system and pressure stabilizing system. Its operating principle is to utilize the raw material air' s speed difference at the time of passing through the membrane module to achieve the purpose of separation or specified component enrichment. Under certain action of driving force, for gases whose permeation rate is quit fast, like water vapor, oxygen and carbon dioxide, they are enriched on the permeation side of the membrane after passing through the membrane; for gases whose permeation rate is relatively slow, like nitrogen and argon, they are retained and enriched on the retention side of the membrane, so as to achieve the gas separation.

Application Advantages of Oxygen-enriched Combustion-supporting Technology

1. Enhance the flame temperature.

2. Reduce the ignition temperature of fuel.

3. Accelerate combustion,promote combustion safety,and eliminate pollution, so as to meet the environmental protection requirements.

4. Increase the utilizaztion ratio of heat.

5. Lower the coefficient of excess air.

6. Reduce the smoke& gas discharge after combustion.

Technical Features
1.Adopt the high-quality module, with high gas output, stable oxygen-enriched concentration and long system service life.
2.All pressure containers and pipe fittings are made of stainless steel materials.
3.The control system utilizes the PLC full-automatic control, with the liquid crystal display screen, able to visually view operating parameters.
4. Have the reasonable overall layout, compact structure, and small covering area, convenient for external pipe connection between the site and other equipment.
5.With the short starting time, the equipment may generate the qualified oxygen-enriched air after being started.

Membrane Separation Oxygen-enriched Combustion Technology

  Oxygen enrichment is widely used for combustion support, energy conservation and environmental protection of kilns (glass, cement and ceramics), industrial boilers, heating furnaces, incinerators, thermal coal furnaces, air heating furnaces and smelting furnaces of fuel oil, fuel gas and fuel coal; catalytic cracking, wastewater treatment, engines, oxygen enrichment (coal) gas generation, oxidation reactions, fermentation and other fields also adopt the oxygen-enriched technology and obtain better economic benefit. According to the scientific information research, based on the heat efficiency of kilns used by customers, adopting the oxygen-enriched & energy-saving technology may gain the certain benefit on output increase and consumption reduction, so as to improve the product quality, lengthen the service life of furnaces, and eliminate exhaust emission, to obtain the significant comprehensive benefit.

Application Case of the Menbrane Separation Oxygen-enriched Combustion  Technology
A glass melting kiln, s oxygen-enriched combustion energy-saving project adopts the natural gas as fuel. When the oxygen-enriched proportion is different, the energy-saving effect has a large difference. After the oxygen-enriched combustion technology is used, the energy-saving rate is usually 10%~15%, and the maximum value is 26.8%. 

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