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Compressed Air Purification Equipment

Compressed Air Purification Equipment

The purification equipment is the special equipment designed for oil & water removal of the air compressor for oilfields. When the air compressor generates the gas, the gas contains a great deal of water and oil. Especially, in the cold weather, the pipe is easy to be frozen, so as to affect the production progress of the drilling well.

The special gas source purification equipment for oilfields (patent technology) produced by the company adopts the skid-mounted case type, has the hoisting point on the top to be convenient for movement, loading and unloading, and owns the widely-open type side door on the side of the case to be convenient for maintenance. The gas source purification equipment refers to two series products like basic type and high-efficiency type.

The special gas source purification equipment for oilfields is composed of the high-efficiency oil-water separator and high-temperature refrigerated type dryer, with the excellent oil-gas separation function. The equipment is equipped with two gas inlets and one gas outlet. It is only required to connect the air rubber pipe to the valve. When the equipment leaves the factory, it is equipped with the automatic pollutant discharge valve, and the user only needs to make liquid waste enter the pollutant discharge trench by using the pipe.

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