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Adsorption Dryer

ZGD series zero gas consumption & blowing regeneration adsorption dryer produced by the company is the energy-saving drying device for compressed air. The dryer adopts the process of ambient air blowing regeneration; therefore, it may save a great deal of product gas required by the traditional process. 

The basic adsorption principle of the zero gas consumption & blowing regeneration adsorption dryer is similar to that of the traditional micro-heat / no-heat adsorption dryer. However, the regeneration method uses the blowing regeneration process and the processing steps include heating and cold blowing.

At the heating stage, the regeneration gas source is from the ambient air pressurized by the blower, regarded as the regeneration gas for desorption of the adsorbent after being heated to the regeneration temperature by the heater. At the regeneration stage, the regeneration & heating gas carries out the heating and desorption for the adsorption bed, and the regeneration gas leaves the adsorber with the desorbed water vapor. The regeneration & cold blowing process adopts the ambient air to carry out the air circulation & cooling and separation, considers it as the regeneration & cold blowing gas, and performs the cold blowing for the bed, so as to meet the adsorption demands of the next stage, and avoid that the dew point of the air outlet becomes instable due to the bed temperature.

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