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Combined Dryer

The combined type low dew point dryer (combined dryer for short) is the low dew point drying equipment with an integration of a refrigerated dryer and an adsorption dryer. Among them, the refrigerated dryer has no gas consumption, with an advantage of low energy consumption, but it owns the dew point temperature limit; the dryer has an advantage of low dew point, and a disadvantage of great gas consumption for regeneration. The combined type low dew point dryer developed by the company contains the refrigerated dryer & adsorption dryer' s respective own advantages, and depends on the reasonable pipe connection & capacity collocation, so as to give play to their advantages to the greatest extent, to achieve the maximum cost performance.

The combined dryer combines the refrigerated dryer with the adsorption dryer. Sometimes, it is equipped with the corresponding filtration, dedusting, oil removal and other devices, so that the dryer may adapt to more complicated gas environments.

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