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Self-cleaning Air Filter

Self-cleaning Air Filter

Under the action of negative pressure on the suction side of the compressor, the self-cleaning air filter sucks the surrounding ambient air. The dust in the air is deposited on the external surface of the filter cylinder. The clean gas passes through the filter cylinder, converges in the gas cleaning chamber, and enters the gas inlet of the air compressor through the gas outflow pipe. The microcomputer programming controller gives an order after obtaining the instruction (differential pressure, time and manual operation). The pulse solenoid valve will be instantaneously opened, send out the pressure as the pulse airflow of the discharge pressure for the air compressor, undergo venturi jet flow and entrainment, and remove the dust deposited on the external surface of the filter cylinder.

This back flushing & self-cleaning process is discontinuous. Every time, it can only carry out the self-cleaning for a small part of the filter cylinder, and other part of the filter cylinder is still operated. Thus, the self-cleaning filter produced by our company has the on-line self-cleaning function, so as to ensure the continuous operation of the compressor

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