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High-efficiency Oil-water Separator

High-efficiency Oil-water Separator

ZYS is mainly composed of container parts, spiral separators, filter element parts, instruments and automatic pollutant discharge devices. The compressed air containing lots of oil, water and solid particles tangentially enters the spiral passageway after the diameter change and acceleration. Most of liquid drop and larger participles are removed due to the centrifugal effect. The pretreated compressed air can only enter the inner cavity of the spiral separator due to the obstruction by the middle tray, and pass through the cylinder-shaped filter element from outside to inside. The separator may further collect the tiny vaporific particles, and generate cohesion, to achieve gas-liquid separation.

This series high-efficiency oil-water separator is the new-generation compressed air secondary purification (gas-water separation and filtration) device developed by the company, with excellent technical performance and wide applicability, able to be installed in the rear of the compressor and after-cooler, in the front of the refrigerated dryer and adsorption dryer, or on the main pipe of general industrial gas, and carry out the effective separation and filtration for pollutants (oil, water and dust) in the compressed air.

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